About Sarah Kennedy


Buying and selling a home can be like weathering a storm – so, navigating with ease into a safe harbour with some fun along the way, is what I’m guessing you’re looking to do. 

When was the last time you bought or sold a home?   
For most people it was 5+ years ago and so the details and the steps you go through are all a little fuzzy! (Besides regulations are constantly changing and so are market conditions!)  In my world, I live the details of real estate every day!  
I have always believed that when you make the decision to buy or sell, these are YOUR life changing decisions and not anyone else’s.  I am there to coach, guide support you!  So, “jump on board!”  It‘s important YOU take the helm with me as your navigator and crew!   “Land ahoy! 
Besides my Okanagan Lake sailing obsession (LOL!) here are 3 things about me as a quick introduction.  You will find me to be: 
  1. an active partner – I am known for early mornings and some late nights too!  I truly am on call for when you need to wrestle through the big decisions.  You can call me anytime … and I will answer! 
  1. a clear communicator – my previous career in marketing and account management in business was all about taking complex statistical results and helping clients to figure out what to DO with the data.  This skill is critical in real estate. 
  1. powerful negotiator  working on multi-million dollar deals has honed my skills to get the best deals for my clients